Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit with LED | Best STEM Toys For Toddlers
Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit with LED | STEM Toys For Toddlers
Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit with LED - |STEM Toys For Toddlers

Seatures™ LED Dome Growing Kit

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Seatures™ - Dome Growing Kit with LED

Grow a colorful underwater world right in your living room with this unique STEM Toy For Toddlers! 

The Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit With LED Lights offers your child everything he'll need to create a beautiful home where countless little aquatic pets can grow and thrive.

Within 24 hours, this placid dome of water will turn into a bustling community full of activity.

An incredible STEM Toy that is educational, meaningful, and fun—Seatures™ will be your child’s new favorite toy!  

Plenty of aquatic pets in no time

Just fill it with water, add in the eggs and wait for 24-36 hours to see countless little aquatic pets come to life. Once hatched, the tiny community will thrive for generations, being a source of joy and wonder for your child.

Nurtures a sense of empathy and responsibility

After seeing their new pets grow, this STEM Toy will build a deeper sense of appreciation for life, pique their curiosity about animals, and nurture their responsibility towards nature.

Adorable and functional design

The Seatures™ Growing Kit features a dome-like aquarium with a 360° rotatable 5X magnifier, fitted with built-in LED lights. This allows your child to get up close to their new pets, observe and learn about these magnificent little creatures with ease.

  • Clear 360 panoramic view
  • Multi-color LED lights
  • 3D colorful corals and starfish
  • Retractable handle for easy carrying
  • Secure openable lid with ventilation holes
  • Free supply of eggs and food on demand
    Seatures™ LED Dome Growing Kit | STEM Toys For Toddlers
    Ethically sourced eggs with a 90% hatch rate

    Unlike our competitors, we source our eggs from reputed hatcheries only after your order is placed, keeping the eggs fresh and eager to hatch! 

    The eggs also come with 12 months worth of food and a water purifier that ensures a cleaner environment for these tiny new pets and a better view for your child.


    Not for children under 3 years