Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit | STEM Toys For Toddlers
Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit | Stem Gifts For Teenager  | Seatures™
Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit | stem learning toys | Seatures™
Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit - Seatures™
Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit | Stem Toy | Seatures™

Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit

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Seatures™  In-Space UFO Growing Kit

It's ALIVE! Your child's imagination will never be limited by this amazing STEM Toy for toddlers that combines science and space fun! 

The Seatures™ In Space UFO Growing Kit offers your child everything he'll need to create a beautiful home where countless little aquatic pets can grow and thrive.

Just fill the UFO with water, add in the eggs and wait for 24-36 hours to see countless little aqua pets come to life.

An incredible STEM Toy that is educational, meaningful, and fun—Seatures™ will be your child’s new favorite toy!  

Seatures UFO Brine Shrimp Aquarium | Kids STEM Toys


Develops Skills and Nurtures Values
After seeing their new pets grow, this brine shrimp aquarium will build a deeper sense of appreciation for life, pique their curiosity about animals, and nurture their responsibility towards nature.
Stylish and Functional

The Seatures™ In Space Growing Kit features a UFO-like aquarium with a 360° rotatable 5X magnifier. This allows your child to observe and peek into the lives of his new aquatic friends as they swim around!

  • Clear 360 panoramic view
  • 3D colorful corals and starfish
  • Retractable handle for easy carrying
  • Secure openable lid with ventilation holes
  • Free supply of eggs and food 
Premium eggs with a 90% hatch rate

We source your eggs from reputed hatcheries only after your order is placed, keeping them fresh and ready to hatch. 

Kids STEM Toys


Not suitable for children under 3 years old

Customer Reviews

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Stands out from many educational toys

This is my second order. The best thing about such toys is the responsibility it develops. My toddler know that he's in charge, so if he won't feed these little guys they'll die. Initially I had to remind him but after a few times he started taking full responsibility. Who knows, maybe he'll start taking out the trash too!

David Citren
Return buyer

First I bought the UFO kit for my kid and it arrived just in time for his birthday. The eggs hatched in no time and later I ordered the lens to see them closely and its a game changer. Love this store.

The best gift

They love it! The design is exceptional, sturdy and beautiful. The eggs hatch very quickly and my grandchildren (6 & 10) spend hours every day just looking at them swim around.

And they hatched! Adorable product.

That was fast. Within a day some tiny swimmers hatched. They are still very small but we'll take good care of them.


Bought this kit for my nephew, he loves space, aliens etc. This kid was one happy kid when he opened his gift! Felt kind of bad as he was happier seeing the gift I got him than the gift my sister and brother in law got him but I'll get over it :)