Seatures™  Brine Shrimp Growing Kit | Grow Dome | Stem Learning Toys | Seatures™
Stem Toy | Seatures™ Growing Kit | Seatures™
Seatures™  Brine Shrimp Growing Kit | Grow Dome | Stem Learning Toys | Seatures™
Seatures™  Brine Shrimp Growing Kit | Stem Toy | Grow Dome | Stem Learning Toys
Seatures™  Brine Shrimp Growing Kit | Seatures™

Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit

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Seatures™ - Dome Growing Kit

The Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit is a science-based STEM Toy that offers your child everything he'll need to create a magical underwater kingdom where countless little aquatic pets will hatch and swim around.

Within 24-36 hours, this placid dome of water will turn into a bustling community full of activity.

An incredible STEM Toy that is educational, meaningful, and fun—Seatures™ will be your child’s new favorite toy!  

Plenty of aquatic pets in no time

Just fill it with water, add in the eggs and wait for 24-36 hours to see countless little aqua pets come to life. Once hatched, the tiny community will thrive for generations, being a source of joy and wonder for your child.

Kids STEM Toys
Stylish and Functional

The Seatures™ Dome Growing Kit features a dome-like aquarium with a 360° rotatable 5X magnifier. This allows your child to get up close to his new pets, observe and learn about these magical little creatures with ease. 

  • Clear 360 panoramic view
  • 3D colorful corals and starfish
  • Retractable handle for easy carrying
  • Secure openable lid with ventilation holes
  • Free supply of eggs and food
Premium eggs with a 90% hatch rate

We source your eggs from reputed hatcheries only after your order is placed, keeping them fresh and ready to hatch.

Kids STEM Toys 


Not suitable for children under 3-year-old

Customer Reviews

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Energetic little pets!

Firstly, the packages arrived in two batches, I missed that point and contacted the support team, they replied quickly and explained why. As soon as the kit that comes with the eggs and food arrived we followed the instructions and after 24 hours they hatched! we are now taking good care of the little ones and see them grow from day to day. Tip- add just a few eggs every week or so as they are very small and they all hatch! So our tank is quite crowded. Overall- very happy.

Great STEM toy

My wife and I are big fans of STEM toys as they have an added value of some learning, unlike most of the toys out there. Highly recommended.

Happy wife

My wife works for a Kindergarten and when I came across Seatures I knew the kids will love it. Guess what? Did did! The added value of this kit is the combination of fun and science / biology. The kids were involved in the entire process and were amazed to see how a dry substance (the eggs) comes to life! If you have children from the age of 3 this is the best educational toy around. Thank me later.

Arrived today

Looks neat, love the design and colors. Everything is well packed and looks promising.

Happy kid happy dad

Finding some occupation for a kid with ADHD doesn't come easy. My wife is shocked that her kid actually spends more than 5 minutes straight doing one thing.