About Us

At Seatures™ we develop the best STEM Toys for Toddlers and Children. 

Our growing kits allow children to grow their own community of tiny aquatic pets and come with everything needed to succeed. 

What makes Seatures™ the best STEM Toy for Toddlers is the quality of the eggs that have a hatch rate of 90%.

The idea behind Seatures™ STEM Toys is a product that provides not only fun but also develops values and skills for children from the age of 3 to 12.

Caring for real creatures develops skills such as creativity and responsibility along with empathy and compassion for animals. 

Children spend so much time gaming, TikTok and other platforms and are therefore glued to the screen for hours each day, adding Seatures™ to their circle of friends will benefit both children and parents, knowing that their time is well invested.