Are Seatures™ Better Than Sea Monkeys? 4 Reasons Why

Are Seatures™  Better Than Sea Monkeys? 4 Reasons Why

Learn why The Seatures™ Brine Shrimp Growing Kit is better than Sea Monkeys in our first Blog Post (YouTube Video)

Reason #1: The Eggs

The Brine Shrimp eggs are the "core" of both growing kits.

If the eggs fail to hatch, the growing kit is worthless.

While Sea Monkeys ship the brine shrimp eggs along with the kit, we ship the eggs separately upon order directly from the hatchery.

Shipping the eggs together with the growing kit means that the eggs were stored for a long time in the the warehouses or stores in an uncontrolled environment (temperature and humidity), and also that the eggs may have expired by the time the kit is delivered (such a review below)

Needless to say how disappointed the buyers and their children are.

We are committing to a hatch rate of 90%

Take a look at some Sea Monkey Reviews taken from Amazon.

Sea Monkeys disappointment

Sea Monkeys Review

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Sea Monkeys Reviews

Sea Monkeys didn't hatch
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Sea Monkeys didn't hatch
Sea Monkeys review from Amazon
Sea Monkeys eggs didn't hatch
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Sea Monkeys Alternatives

Reason # 2: The Tank / Aquarium 

The Sea Monkeys were introduced back in 1957.

Looking back to the 60s, the design of products wasn't as important as it is nowadays, both on the look and feel and the functionality.

As you can see from the image below, there are several advantages to the Seatures™ aquarium

Sea Monkeys Alternative
  • Shape: The Seatures™ aquarium is round, allowing a 360 view of the brine shrimps, while the Sea Monkey's tank is narrow with limited visibility 
  • Size: The Seatures™ aquarium is 50% larger than the Sea Monkeys' tank yet compact 
  • Vision: The aquarium is equipped with an integrated 5X Microscope that moves up and down and also 360, allowing your child to see the Brine Shrimps clearly and to follow them while they swim around, while the Sea Monkey's tank has some static magnifying elements on the body of the tank 
  • Stability: While our aquarium has a stable, round base, the Sea Monkeys' tank has a narrow base that may lead to spills and damage to the little creatures (and your carpet). Furthermore, our aquarium can be easily transferred by car from place to place without the need to hold it.
  • Design: our aquarium comes with the latest design trends, four vivid colors and crystal clear plastic while the Sea Monkey's tank is behind when it comes to emphasis on design.
  • Portability: The Seatures™ aquarium is equipped with an integrated carry-handle, allowing your child to take his community of Brine Shrimps to friends, school or kindergarten easily without the risk of spills or damage while the Sea Monkey's tank should be carried with care using the body of the tank
  • Decoration: The Seatures™ aquarium is designed with integrated 3D corals, carefully design in vivid colors, adding a sea look and feel to the tank while the Sea Monkeys' tank does not have any design elements


Reason # 3: The Food

Brine shrimp are living creatures and should therefore consume the food that provides them with the highest nutritional values.

Research shows that Spirulina (a Super Food) is the best food for Brine Shrimp due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals it includes.

We took this recommendation to a higher level and provide premium organic Spirulina to assure a healthy, toxin free environment to the little creatures.

The Sea Monkeys Kit comes with a food mixture of yeast and Spirulina due to the high cost of Spirulina.


Reason # 4: The Service

We want your child to be fully satisfied from his Seatures™ Growing Kit and products and are therefore 100% committed to our buyers, both on the product and the service aspects.

We offer a free supply of food and eggs whenever you run low, all you have to do is mail us with your order number at

Hopefully, this short post convinced you that Seatures™ is the better alternative than Sea Monkeys.

Till next time,


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