Sea Monkey Kit Compared with Seatures™

If your'e on the lookout for a Sea Monkey Kit, this blog post is for you.

The Sea Monkey Kit and Seatures™ are both considered STEM toys for toddlers. They are educational and fun and are based on the same concept of growing live creatures in a tank. Having said that, there are several differences when it comes to the quality of the eggs, the tank, the food and the service. 

Starting with the eggs.

The Sea Monkey Kit comes with the eggs inside the box. The eggs are collected from the hatchery months before the kit is shipped to the customer and during the storage of the kits the eggs are kept in an uncontrolled weather environment. 

Even though the eggs can still hatch after a prolonged storage period, it seems that the hatch rate for the Sea Monkey Kit is not high.

Looking at the recent reviews on Amazon, it seems that numerous customers are disappointed after buying a Sea Monkey Kit:

Sea Monkey Kit

At Seatures™, we ship the eggs separately, only after the tank was dispached. The eggs are shipped in a special envelope that keeps the temperature and humidify in optimal levels. Furthermore, our eggs are fresh as they are collected in very small batches directly from the hatchery.

This is how we can commit to a hatch rate of 90%

Seatures™  Hatch Rate | STEM Toys For Toddlers

When it comes to the tank, this is where Seatures™ is second to none.

The Sea Monkey Kit was introduced back in 1957 and therefore the design shows the signs of age.

Sea Monkey Kit

At Seatures™ we designed our tanks in such a way that they'll not only look great but will also provide the best experience as a STEM Toy For Toddlers.

Seatures™ STEM Toys For Toddlers Dome Tank

Our tanks are larger and provide a 360 view of the little creatures. They are also equipped with a built in tilting viewer that allows the child to look closer at the little swimmers, a ventilated lid and an integral carry handle for portability. 

Seatures Tank Size
Ventilated Lid | Seatures™
Seatures™ Tilting Viewer
Seatures™ Carry handle


Seatures™ tanks are also stable due to their flat bottom structure so there's not risk of spills or water damage. 

Seatures™ VS Sea Monkey Kit


Another difference between Seatures™ and the Sea Monkey Kit is the food.  At Seatures™ we include pure organic Spirulina due to the high nutritional value. The freshness and purity of the food that comes with the Sea Monkey kit is unclear.


Seatures™ Food
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